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Saurabh bhatia kiran sharma in modern applications of plant biotechnology in pharmaceutical sciences 2015 141 introduction plant biotechnology is a powerful tool for the development of new plant traits and varieties such new varieties must be produced on a large scale to achieve commercial success and to satisfy the demand from growersplant biotechnology is a set of techniques used to adapt plants for specific needs or opportunities situations that combine multiple needs and opportunities are common for example a single crop may be required to provide sustainable food and healthful nutrition protection of the environment and opportunities for jobs and incomebiotechnology is used in many ways in the agriculture and horiticulture industries orchids have become a common site in many grocery stores because they can be grown on a large scale through biotechnology methods such as tissue culture other plants are rapidly increasing production of food products such as corn and wheat because biotechnology methods have improved cropthe rapidly evolving plant biotechnology is embracing the new developments in plant genome analysis high throughput technologies and computational studies in order to provide solutions to agriculture food and health biotechnology approaches nowadays are used to enhance crop production and to make plants more resilient to unfavorable advertisements plant biotechnology meaning principle and application of plant biotechnology meaning there have always been efforts to improve upon the plant characteristics by controlled sexual breeding within the same species advertisements plant breeding is based on combining the hereditary information which regulates the desirable phenotypes of both parents and passing it on to the

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