Is my colicky baby allergic to milk?

Sometimes mothers come to me with a colicky baby and ask whether their baby could be allergic to milk.My response is that it is possible but what little research has been done shows that they are no more likely to be allergic to milk than other normal babies.

However babies can be allergic to milk and a cow's milk allergy is reasonably common in bottle fed babies.Many mums ask whether their baby pulling away when on the breast suggests that their baby is allergic to milk.

I believe babies who pull away from their mother's breast when feeding are probably suffering more from reflux than being allergic to milk. It is the discomfort of the reflux that makes them pull off.

If you think that your baby is allergic check to see if any of these signs are occurring.

An osteopath's perspective

  • Vomiting - you may find this happens soon after a feed - it does not have to be substantial.
  • Your baby may produce increasing amounts of mucus from the nose and sound blocked.
  • The baby may suffer from gut discomfort with little relationship to feeds.
  • Odd rashes or excema may appear on your baby's body.

Another suggestion is to check into your and your partner's family history to see if there any other known allergies or if there is anyone who dislikes drinking milk.

This latter fact can be a clue that there may be an underlying problem or that the baby is lactose intolerant but that will not be covered here.

Suffice it to say that lactose intolerance is not the same as an allergic response to milk.

If your baby does turn out to be allergic to milk your GP will be able to help you with the management of the problem.

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