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We're proud of our services here at Beaumont Osteopathy but nothing says it more than hearing it from our customers.

  • I started having regular treatment from Adam in the run up to the London Marathon 2004 when I was part of the GB Womens Marathon Squad and running around 80 miles a week.

    Regular sessions every 2-4 weeks during that time, included manipulation stretching and massage tailored to my very specific needs. I've no doubt that this is what kept me injury free and able to run a Personal Best of 2hr44 at London in the Elite field finishing 9th GB and 22nd overall in the women's race

    L H GB Marathon Squad & England Cross Country
  • I followed a 12 week course with Adam Beaumont in the autumn of 2004. I am a yoga teacher, so generally I am in fairly good shape. However, I was suffering from Tennis Elbow and found Adam`s treatments to be thorough, professional and extremely helpful in dealing with my injury.

    I also enjoyed some cranial osteopathy which is a complete treat! It is gentle, relaxing and very powerful in its effects. It gave me energy and a sense of lightness that I had not previously experienced in other complementary health treatments.

    I am hoping that I can find an excuse to return to Adam for treatment in the future and would highly recommend him for any musculo skeletal injuries in addition of course to his cranial osteopathic abilities.

    F L Director & Founder YogaBugs Ltd
  • I have known Adam for over three years - he has been treating me for my painful back and joints. I see him roughly once a week and I am very stisfied with his treatments.

    His treatment has very effectively helped restore the functions of my musculoskeletal system by relieving the pain I have had for a very long time. I am very happy to continue with and recommend his treatment as I believe he has magical hands

    Dr. S.B. F (MBBS)
  • After 4 and a half years of constant backpain from a car accident, I had tried everything from physiotherapy to kiniesiology, and nothing had significantly improved the pain.

    When I went to see Adam, my back hurt almost all day everyday, and I had been told by specialists that it would never really improve. After just a few months of weekly treatments my back pain has dramatically reduced. I would recommend Adam to anyone!

  • I have been seeing Adam Beaumont for almost 3 years now. He has helped me tremendously during and after both pregnancies and I truly can't stress how much a difference he has made with each treatment. A pregnancy takes its toll on the body and I can't imagine getting through one without Adam's help.

    He is very caring, gentle and thorough; not once has he not improved my condition. Equally my husband, who saw him after a sport injury, was as impressed how helpfull Adam's sessions were.

    I also saw him for cranial osteopathy for myself and my then newborn baby and was amazed how relaxing and deep those sessions were, my baby left each time much calmer and relaxed. I have recommended him to friends who have all been happy with him, whether it was for themsleves or for their newborn babies. I always look forward to any treatment and will continue to see him for a long time.

  • I have been regularly treated by Adam over the past 8 years and have found his treatments to be very effective. Adam has successfully treated my musculo-skeletal back problems by relieving aches and pains with manipulation and massage. I have also received great benefit from his cranial osteopathy. This has been a very gentle but effective therapy that I found to be very calming, re-balancing and energising. Adam takes the holistic approach towards health and has a very caring and understanding manner. I would thoroughly recommend his professional services'

  • My husband and I took George to Adam for three sessions and I can honestly say George is a changed baby. He is so much happier and calmer; yes he cries like all babies but thankfully doesn't display any fractious/pain-like behaviour as before.

    The treatment has really worked for George and I would certainly highly recommend it to others experiencing the same heartache. George responded really well to Adam who was so calm handling him so carefully.

    Adam also gave us invaluable advice in encouraging George to turn his head towards the left as he was constantly turning to the right developing a flat-head. I am converted and quite honestly astonished.

  • I would highly recommend Adam Beaumont who is based in the Northcote road. He has treated the whole family and is very professional and honest.

    He definitely helped my baby daughter with her reflux/colic and was very open about what he could do and where he couldn't help. I know he is a dad as well so he speaks with some experience.

    He works above Neal's Yard Remedies but you make an appointment in the shop. When you are there keep a look out for the odd celeb who he treats!

    Recommendation as seen on www.nappyvalleynet.com
  • I can recommend Adam Beaumont at The Beaumont Osteopathic Practice who is very experienced and gets wonderful results - excellent with babies and children and is based at Neal's Yard in Northcote Road and I think he also works from the Thurleigh Road Doctor's Surgery.

    Recommendation as seen on www.nappyvalleynet.com
  • Adam Beaumont is brilliant, he is based in the Therapy rooms at NealŐs Yard Remedies on Northcote Road. My Daughter is now 3yrs old but I saw Adam during my pregnancy and when she was born and when ever I think I need to. He has helped with terrible back pain which started in my last trimester and my daughter wouldn't sleep and he helped with that. My sister sees him as do most of my mummy friends. You can call and book 0207 2237171

    Recommendation as seen on www.nappyvalleynet.com
  • Adam Beaumont is a fantastic osteopath who specialises in cranial for children and worked wonders for my baby who was suffering after a traumatic birth and was suffering from bad colic. Adam is based at Thurleigh Road Doctor's Surgery in SW11 'between the commons' and his contact number is: 07966 177320

    Recommendation as seen on www.nappyvalleynet.com
  • Adam Beaumont also works out of Neal's Yard on Northcote Road - do try him.

    Recommendation as seen on www.nappyvalleynet.com
  • I took both my little ones to Adam Beaumont. My son needed a lot of sessions as he had problems with his neck and was developing a severe flat head, My daughter was just fine and only had one session. I also visited Adam myself and at times he has worked miracles on my back in just one session.

    Recommendation as seen on www.nappyvalleynet.com
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